Our Vision:   Innovation, Knowledge, Community

Our Mission:

To serve our community, we offer screening services and personalized health education to our patrons.  To foster its wellness, we will raise the awareness of diseases that impact it most.  And to prepare a bright future, we will educate our youth about the health sciences.  In doing so, we stay in tune with the needs of our community and establish ourselves as future leaders of the health professions.  To demonstrate our commitment to volunteerism and charity, we offer all of these services for free.

Our Project and Goals:

UT Southwestern’s annual Carnaval de Saludis an effort driven by students with the aid of faculty and staff from UT Southwestern Medical Center.  Based on the United to Serve initiative of the University of Texas System, our health fair was established in 2004 with the aim of organizing services that cater to the healthcare and educational needs of our local, under-served community.  Our students have developed a health fair that aims to accomplish the following goals:

  • To provide an opportunity for the community to participate in free health screenings, including, but not limited to, serum glucose measurement, blood pressure measurement, cholesterol measurement, body mass index (BMI) calculation, visual acuity check, hearing screening, and general dental examination.
  • To provide an avenue for continuity of care and the opportunity for all patrons to find a medical home by promoting local, free clinics.
  • To maintain meaningful relationships with our community partners and hosts who make this project a success.
  • To create a comfortable environment that provides important health information in a format that is both engaging and easy to understood.
  • To introduce children to the functions of the human body as well as the importance of good health and hygiene in an exciting, hands-on setting.
  • To provide an avenue for attendees to voice their concerns and have their questions answered about local healthcare resources.
  • To empower the families of our community with knowledge they can share to improve the health of future generations.
  • To promote healthy lifestyles in our community by engaging our neighbors directly.
  • To identify and follow up with community members who are at moderate or high risk for cardiovascular disease to reduce the morbidity and mortality of their condition through the Health Awareness Project
  • To train students to effectively communicate health information in a way that members of our community can understand and share with their friends and families.
  • To unite UT Southwestern through volunteerism and a common goal of interacting with the surrounding community
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