Chair Bios

Translation Education Chair

MadelineMaddie Rodriguez

I am thrilled to serve as this year’s Translational Education Chair for Carnaval de Salud! Since arriving at UTSW, I have been passionate about serving the diverse patient population at Parkland and in the surrounding Dallas community. As translation chair, I am committed to expanding the diversity and inclusion of our outreach, and ensuring that our community can fully participate in their health by removing the barrier of language.

Thank you so much to my team (Jaime Rodriguez and Alexis Kropf) for all your hard work. To the members of our community: we hope to translate the “magic” of el carnaval and we’ll see you in April! A los miembros de la comunidad: esperamos traducir “la magia” del carnaval y ¡nos vemos en abril!


Welcome Area

Picture for BioBrian Clinton

Abandoned at birth and raised by a pack of wolves in the northern woods of Vermont; Brian was instilled with the natural instincts to take command and be a team player to help make sure the pack succeeds. He honed his talents at Austin College earning a degree in Biochemistry and is currently pursuing an honorable career in medicine at UT Southwestern. With his adventurous nature and rugged craft he hopes to change the field of medicine and make the world a better place. At this year’s Carnaval de Salud, Brian hopes to greet everyone who comes to the Health Fair and make the registration process smooth and seamless as they are whisked away by the fair. Please feel free to stop by the registration booth on the day of the event to ask him any questions you may have!


Shruti Singh

Shruti is a third year medical student at UT Southwestern. For college, she went to UT Austin and studied Human Biology, because muggle science excited her, and that is where she learned that she bleeds orange. She is excited about the magical Harry Potter theme of United to Serve this year, and even more excited to greet everyone at Platform 9 and 3/4 as they board the Hogwarts Express. In the time that she is not busy reading about the muggle body, Shruti loves to participate in the extra curricular activities at her school. She also loves to dance, karaoke (although she isn’t very good at it), eat (she loves food!), and sleep!!!


Health Education & Screening

Serena Zadoo

Serena is a 3rd year medical student with random obsessions like architecture, poker, and star-gazing. Growing up in Austin, she enjoyed a variety of hobbies including competitive chess, ice-skating, and tennis. She attended the University of Texas at Austin where she graduated with a major in Biology and conducted research on discovering novel inhibitors against an enzyme that confers antibiotic resistance. After representing the United States at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF), Serena organized science tours at low-income elementary schools to enhance children’s interest and perception of STEM education. She also had the opportunity to plan and carry out a health fair for underrepresented patients where basic health education and diabetes screening tools were provided. Serena is excited to build on these experiences in planning for this year’s screenings at the United to Serve Health Fair!


Alice JeanUTS Photo_Alice Jean

Alice Jean is a third year medical student at UT Southwestern and is excited to be a Health Fair Co-Advisor this year after participating in United to Serve last year as a Health Fair Co-Chair! Her continued involvement in the Health Awareness Project stems from her passion for connecting people to primary care clinics and community resources that focus on education, prevention, and wellness. Let’s work together for a healthier tomorrow!



Sarah Nguyen

Sarah Nguyen is a 3rd year medical student at UT Southwestern and a graduate of Rice University. She is interested in becoming a pediatrician because she loves being around children. When she’s not studying or catching up on sleep, she enjoys drawing, singing karaoke, and cooking with friends. Sarah was a booth coordinator for the Health Fair in her first year and a Health Fair chair in her second year. She has really enjoyed being a part of United to Serve that she is returning this year as one of the Health Fair advisors. She is super excited to serve the Dallas community again by helping make United to Serve a fun, educational experience for everyone!


Bethany WernerBethany

Bethany is a 3rd year medical student from Plano, TX. She went to the University of Texas at Dallas for undergrad, where she played on the school’s volleyball team and studied Biology. When she isn’t hitting the books, Bethany loves to go for runs around Dallas, go to Stars hockey games, take naps, and eat chips & queso. Being a part of the Health Fair the past two years has been one of the highlights of medical school, and she is so excited to serve as a chair this year!


Collin Buerger

I am a second year medical student at UT Southwestern. I am from a small town in north Texas and graduated from Midwestern State University. I am excited to be a Health Fair Co-Chair this year after participating in United to Serve last year as an Alcohol Awareness Booth Co-Coordinator. I am interested in a future career in family medicine, so naturally, disease prevention is important to me and something I look forward to promoting while engaging with the community at this year’s health fair. I am grateful to have this opportunity and hope to promote healthy families as my beautiful wife and I look forward to starting our own one day (Got married this summer!).


Nicole Akinseye

I am a second year medical student at UT Southwestern and it is my pleasure to serve as a health fair chair for this year’s fair! Last year I was a booth coordinator for the Personal Safety booth last year and had so much fun so I wanted to come back and be able play a bigger role in the fair. I am from Frisco, TX and have lived in the Dallas area for over 10 years!

I am particularly interested in women’s health and will be supervising the women’s health and men’s health related booths. Super excited to be involved with the fair again this year and thankful for everyone who volunteers their time for this awesome event!



Eve Sharifi

Eve Sharifi is a second year medical student from Frisco, TX. She graduated from UT Austin where she studied neurobiology and psychology. Some of her hobbies include swimming, taking Latin dance and hip hop classes, and running in Katy Trail. She is very excited to serve as one of the health fair chairs this year to help further the public health knowledge of underserved communities around Dallas.


Science Zone

Rakibul Akter

Rakibul is a third year medical student at UTSW. He was born in Bangladesh, but he spent most of his life growing up in Houston, TX.  He has had an amazing adventure during his years at the University of Houston (GO COOGS!) and has lovedhis journey throughout medical school so far. On his free time, he loves playing basketball, eating, sleeping, and Netflixing. Growing up in a big family, he has grown to enjoy every moment that he has with the important people in his life! Rakibul can’t wait to see what this year’s United to Serve will accomplish and can’t wait to see all the fun that the kids (and parents!) will have this year!


Shivani GaitondeShivani

Shivani is a third-year medical student from San Antonio, Texas. Before attending medical school at UT Southwestern, she was a loud and proud member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2015 (whoop!). She is an avid coffee drinker, has watched Lord of the Rings an embarrassing number of times, and enjoys doing yoga in her free time. She has been involved with United to Serve and Science Zone for the last 3 years and hopes to get more kids interested and excited about science!


 Gautam Babu

Gautam is a second-year medical student at UTSW. He was born in India, but moved to the U.S. when he was three. He went to Dartmouth College, where he majored in Astronomy and Biology. His two favorite places to visit are the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium and the National Air and Space Museum, so it’s no surprise that his dream is to be an astronaut. In his free time, he loves playing basketball and reading science fiction books. He loved mentoring kids and enjoyed conducting crazy experiments during high school and college so he hopes to bring his expertise to the Science Zone!


Lucy ChengLucy

Hi I’m Lucy! I’m a second-year medical student and I’m one of the chairs for Science Zone in United to Serve. I graduated UT Austin with a degree in Nutritional Sciences, which is being put to good use in the culinary medicine elective that I’m helping to kick start here at UT Southwestern. Science is my love and the visual and performing arts is my passion. When I’m not studying or working on the many amazing things in United to Serve, you can find me with my nose in a good book, at the dance studio, playing video games, shooting amateur photographs, or working on my calligraphy business.


Shannon Reinert

Hi! I’m Shannon and I’m an MS2 from Friendswood, TX. I was on the Health Fair committee last year, but I’m excited to be a Science Zone chair this year. When I grow up, I want to be a pediatrician so I can spend as much as my life as possible interacting with kiddos. When I’m not doing medical student things, I like to run, play basketball, and travel to new places. So far, my favorite place in the world is Cinque Terre, Italy.



Jacob StevensJacob Stevens

I grew up just a short distance away in Arlington where I attended Martin High School. Transitioning to college, I attended Harding University in Arkansas where I played NCAA Division II soccer for four years. It was there that I earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering before deciding to continue my education in medical school at UT Southwestern. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, running, lifting weights, reading and traveling. I am excited to be involved for the first time with United to Serve. It is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community by providing health screenings and educational opportunities for both kids and adults. I look forward to working with United to Serve for years to come!


Public Health Advisor

mishiMishi Bhushan

I’m a fourth year student going into Med Peds and am getting a MPH degree in Health Disparities. I think health fairs are a great way to reach out to the public so they can get necessary screenings while having fun! In my free time I love hanging out with friends and my family in Dallas, cooking, baking, dancing, and crafting!


Arts & Crafts

Van Dang

Born in Vietnam, raised in Texas, I am thinking about where I want to go next. I love cooking, eating and forcing my cat to snuggle with me.


Jacob KhouryJacob Khoury

Jacob Khoury is a second year medical student at UTSW. A Dallas native, Jacob loves reading, music, and art, so he’s excited to head the Arts and Crafts committee!



KevinKevin Vu

Here’s my bio for United to Serve: Kevin is a current MS2 student at UT Southwestern. He graduated from UT Dallas in 2016, and is originally from Austin, Texas. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, salsa dancing, and board games. He hopes to continue to bring new and exciting games to the Health Fair!


Riley MartinezRiley

Riley Martinez was born in Tampa, Florida but moved to Texas as fast as he could. Rumor has it his first word was Texas. He grew up in the lovely town of College Station, TX and it didn’t take long for him to fall in love with the traditions and friendly nature Texas A&M is so widely known for. After realizing he did in fact bleed maroon, he spent his college years in his hometown enjoying a college lifestyle with home cooked meals. After 20 years living in the same town he decided it was time to tackle the big city and move to Dallas for medical school. He spends his free time outdoors exploring the country side and being immersed in nature. He is a big outdoorsman and dreams of living on a ranch someday full of wildlife and dogs.



Anitta Philip

Anitta Philip is a fourth year medical and MPH student who is currently applying into general pediatrics.  She loves working with children and parents with hopes of educating families of how to stay healthy.  She is serving as a Publicity Co-chair for United to Serve, but has volunteered and served on various committees for the event in the past years.


Jennifer GuelerJennifer

Hi, everyone! My name is Jennifer, and I am a second year at UT Southwestern medical school and the UT School of Public Health (MD/MPH program). I am originally from Houston, TX and graduated from Rice University with a degree in psychology before briefly moving to London to complete a Masters degree in mental health. In the future, I hope to be able to bridge my overlapping interests in psychology, public health, and medicine to the fields of surgery and trauma. I have had the privilege of serving in several leadership positions in academic and service organizations through the medical school and am thrilled to be able to engage more deeply with the community through my outreach and communication roles in United to Serve! In my free time, I like to drink coffee, play with puppies, and marathon television series on Netflix.


Volunteer Recruitment

Evan and Megan!Evan Barrios

Evan Barrios is a third-year medical student at UT Southwestern. He went to Baylor University and grew up in Houston, TX. He is married and enjoys hanging out with his dog, Pickles, even though Pickles loves his wife more.


Sarah Yuen1934177_10207526048743088_9154151465633876052_n.jpg

Sarah is a first year medical student who grew up in Phoenix, AZ for most of her life. She went to Baylor University for undergrad where she served as the AMSA Service Chair. She is excited to share her passion for service by serving as a Volunteer Co-Chair with United to Serve!




Pouriska Kivanany

Pouriska is a fifth year graduate student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. A lifelong Dallasite, she completed both her undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Texas at Arlington. At UTSW, Pouriska has volunteered with United to Serve as Volunteer Co-Chair for the past two years, and acted as the Volunteer Chair of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO). This year, Pouriska is the Volunteer Chair Advisor of United to Serve for Graduate School, helping out the current Volunteer Co-Chairs. When she is not in the lab or volunteering, Pouriska enjoys hitting the gym and hanging out on her porch swing with her beloved dog Pepsi.


Clinical Nutrition

BreannaBreanna Dietz

Breanna is a 2nd year clinical nutrition student from Newcastle, Washington. She moved to Dallas last summer to join the UTSW clinical nutrition program. When she’s not studying, Breanna enjoys hiking, doing yoga, and drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee. She also hopes to learn how to rock climb someday. She enjoys learning about how the food that we eat impacts our health, and she finds joy in in empowering people to make healthier decisions. Breanna is excited to be a part of the United to Serve team again, and she hopes to inspire others with her passion for nutrition. She is very grateful to help serve the Dallas community again.


Alex PipchoAlex Pipcho

Hi I’m Alex! I’m a second year Clinical Nutrition student originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania (any Dwight fans?). After growing up and going to college in Pennsylvania, I moved to Detroit to do a year of service, and then moved to Dallas about a year ago. I’m excited for another year of United to Serve to get underway. I love being a part of events that engage the community and bring about positive change!



Amy Kupraserkul

Amy Kupra is a first year medical student at UT Southwestern. She’s from Keller, TX and went to Rice University for undergrad. Amy loves playing golf, eating food, and photography. She has had a passion for tutoring and teaching since high school, and is currently a part time instructor. She’s very excited to work with AVID at TJ Rusk and get the kids interested in science!


Healthy Living

JozsefJozef Bordas

Jozsef Bordas is the president of Healthy Living and visits local schools with volunteers to teach students about making positive life choices.


Vi PhamVi

Vi is a 1st year medical student at UT Southwestern. He comes from Keller, Texas and did his bachelors at the University of Texas at Dallas (Whoosh). He is interested in becoming a pediatrician because of a desire to heal and educate children and their families. When he’s not hitting the books, he enjoys playing video games, rock climbing, exercising, and traveling. He is serving as the Healthy Living Chair, focusing on advocating for United to Serve at local DISD schools as well as promoting health and wellness.


Suture Clinics

12118629_1078095908870099_6520340751068495572_n-1.jpgElizabeth Blair

Elizabeth Blair is a first year (pre-clinical) Physician Assistant student at UT Southwestern and is excited to be participating in United to Serve through her role as PA Class of 2019 Co-Community Outreach Chair. In this officer position she is able to facilitate volunteer opportunities for her classmates to be able to reach out to serve the community, provide educational talks about the PA profession, and host an annual suture skills clinic that will be featured in the booth of United to Serve. When she is not studying or volunteering she loves singing, wake surfing, and painting.



 Rachel Feig


Rachel is a first year Physician Assistant student, and currently serving as co-chair for Community Outreach for the PA Class of 2019. Originally from Houston, she attended college at Boston University and played Division 1 field hockey while majoring in Biology. She is passionate about community service, and integrating the PA profession into the field of community medicine. She is excited to continue the tradition of the PA class hosting the suture booth!


Donations Committee

JaneJane Zhu

Hi everyone! My name is Jane Zhu and I am a MS2. I was born in New Haven, CT but I’ve lived in Houston for most of my life. I went to Wellesley College where I majored in chemistry and minored in psychology. In my spare time, I like to play with dogs, do arts and crafts, and watch reality TV. I’m excited to be one of the Donations and Prizes chairs this year!



Anita VasudevanAnitaAndMia

Hi everyone, my name is Anita. I am an MS2. I was born and raised in Houston and went to the University of Texas at Austin. I like cooking and animals, but I do not like cooking animals.


Market Place

Heather Renfro 13-14Heather Renfro

In the daytime I am a 2nd year medical student, but at night I transform. I like to think that I was truly born as Beyonce’s first child. I embody her in every way from my marvelous looks, to her amazing voice and dancing skills. I can teach you how to be a Single Lady and be a Diva!



Jimmy Ly

Jimmy is a third year medical student at UT Southwestern. Raised in Houston and San Jose, California, he studied biochemistry with a certificate in business foundations at the University of Texas in Austin. When he’s not playing tennis, cycling, or daydreaming about cars and motorcycles, he serves to help others through medicine and volunteering.