Arts & Crafts

Balloon Animals

Volunteer to make balloon animals for kids. Please sign up if you already know or would like to learn how!


Volunteers will help patrons from kids to adults make their own personalized bookmarks to take home. There will be precut shapes for children as well as markers, colors, and other supplies for kids and adults of all ages to decorate the bookmarks.

Bracelet Making

Volunteer to help kids make their own ouch-less bracelets and hairbands with optional decorations (beads or bows). Instructions are found on this webpage:

Build Your Own Stethoscope

Help kids make their own stethoscopes out of pipe-cleaners, bottle caps, and other art supplies. We will also have a real stethoscope on hand for them to try out and volunteers can take this opportunity to tell kids a bit about the importance of heart health.

Face Painting

If you’re artistically inclined, we need your skills! Sign up to be face painter at our booth. We will have templates of animals, flowers, superheroes, butterflies or feel free to create!

Glitter Jars

Help kids fill plastic containers with water, glitter, and food coloring to make their own snowglobes!

Masks & Crowns

Help children make Harry Potter themed masks with precut templates and other decorations.


Help children make simple origami animal faces. Instructions included!


Help children dress up so they can take a pictures in front of platform 9¾.

Plant a Smile

We have potted plants to give away to patrons!  Help make our patrons and their children smile by decorating potted plants with them.