Beanbag Toss

Slay the “dragon” by tossing bean bags through the holes in our dragon themed board! Volunteers will help younger participants with the game, and help collect any stray bean bags.

Bounce House

We will monitor the safety of patrons playing on the Bounce Houce/Inflatable Obstacle Course.  We will also ensure that the bounce house is set up and taken down properly.

Catch the Snitch

Can you catch the snitch? Volunteers will dress up as a Snitch with post it notes attached to the costume. Game participants will try to snatch the notes for tickets and prizes.


Players will play mini golf and get tickets based on stroke count. Volunteers will help maintain the golf set up and help struggling players

Potion Grab

Players will try to fish out potions from the cauldron in order to get tickets. Volunteers will help maintain the game and help younger players.


Future Quidditch players will try to throw the quaffle (a volleyball) through quidditch hoops. Volunteers will supervise the players and help reset the goals after each participant.

Are You a Real Wizard?

Using a wand only, the player must keep a balloon off the ground and travel a set distance and back. It’s very similar to playing “keep up” with a balloon, but can only use a wand to tap the balloon and keep it in the air.


Participants will navigate through a soccer cones and then attempt to score through holes in our Harry Potter themed board for tickets. Volunteers will help collect soccer balls and supervise any players through the soccer course.

Sorting Hat

Patrons can complete a card in the Games section for playing one game from each house.  At the sorting hat, they can trade in a completed card for one extra bonus prize.


Cast your own spells (darts) at balloons to pop them and get tickets! Volunteers will help the area is clear for dart throwing, collecting stray darts, and replacing popped balloons on the board.