Science Education Booths

Balloon Invaders: There Will Be Blood!

What is your blood made out of? Find out through a hands-on demonstration showing the components of blood. Make your own blood cell and then play Balloon Invaders- a fun, interactive game demonstrating the importance of blood type matching.


Can’t Touch This

Touch is a beautiful sensation. But how much do you know about it? At this booth, we will teach you about the 4 major types of touch receptors found in the human body. We will do this with an interactive Bucket Game Competition, poke each other with toothpicks, feel some hot and cold water containers, rub some sandpaper between our hands, and even learn how write one’s name in Braille. Come on over. The treat is learning a cool dance move with Deeg and MC Hammer.


DNA Decoded

We will explain what DNA is, why it’s so important for life, and the 4 subunits that make up the double-helix. Then, we will extract DNA from a strawberry! Strawberries have octoploid DNA, so you can actually see the DNA! We will guide kids through the process of extraction.


Getting On My Nerves!

We’ve got a program that allows a person to push a button that displays an action on a screen that is not visible to the person pushing the buttons. The “brain” chooses a button (made of play doh), inputting an action to the “muscle”, a second person, then performs. The brain attempts to guess the input they selected. There is a sensory component to our booth, which will have four boxes containing bowls full of stimulatory materials to feel (sand, tufts of cotton, slime, orbeez). We’ll have a small description of how the brain takes in information and then sends out action signals to the body to manipulate our environment.


Heart Stopping Fun

Heart Stopping Fun is an interactive station where children and adults can see a real dissected pig heart and hear a presentation on how the heart works. Participants will be able to hold the hearts and get a glimpse inside the most important organ in our body! 


The Hogwarts Express

Welcome to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Here you will learn about the science behind the magic! Hop off the Hogwarts Express and run off to Potions class to brew some colorful and bubbly elixirs. After that learn how to protect yourself in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Master your skills with your wand to bend water and shape fire. Next, head over to Charms where you’ll cast spells to hold bubbles in your hands and make foam out of thin air! Finally, walk down to the Quidditch field to build and launch rockets for Astronomy. After a full day of classes, nothing sounds better than an ice cream break in the Great Hall! We can’t wait to have you here!


The Immune System: Your Body’s Superheroes

The goal of this booth is to teach kids more about the immune system, using the analogy of B/T cells as the body’s superheroes, fighting off foreign invaders. We will have a hand-washing demo where we use a “glo germ” wash to simulate germs on the kids’ hands. After applying the “glo germ” wash, they will look at their hands under a glow light to see where the germs are. Lastly, they will wash their hands and put their hands under the light a second time to show how important washing your hands thoroughly is and how hard it is to get all the germs off even when you do.


The Muscle Machine

This booth will provide education about muscle involvement in common sports movements as well as common injuries. There will be a mini soccer goal, basketball goal and cone relay course to allow kids to play around and perform the sports movements. The board will show common injuries in each of the sports and the muscles we are teaching about.


MyPlate Portioning

Visitors will learn what a healthy plate of food should look like. The board will show information on how many servings of each food group to get and how big portions should be. For the activity, there will be food models that display the appropriate portion size for each food. Visitors will then be able to put together their own plate using the food models provided to make an appropriately portioned and healthy plate of food.


Play Your Heart Out

The goal of this booth is to learn about blood flow through your heart, how to check your pulse, importance of exercise on heart health and what can happen to your heart if you do not exercise/eat right. Activities will include a heart hop-scotch following blood flow. We will teach kids how to take their pulse and have them take it before and after hop-scotch and may have heart diagrams so that kids can trace the blood flow through the heart.


The Respiratory System

Get ready to have your breath taken away by the amazing respiratory system! Experience the science of breathing in a fun and hands-on way. You’d be surprised by how much you’ll learn about the respiratory system! There will be a model of a lung and activities involving alveolar surface tissue and lung tissue.


Sugar Shockers

The goal of this booth is to educate people on added sugars. We will have a game that awards prizes so that we can interact with people while they learn.


Sweet, Sweet Blood

Our booth is all about diabetes and explains what high blood sugar means, the different types of diabetes, and some fun facts! We have some fun demonstrations to show how diabetes works as well as some other fun treats! Stop by our booth to learn more!


Totally “Rad” Science

The goal of our booth is to inform participants about some of the different imaging modalities used in medicine and how they can provide information about the body. We will explain the basic concepts of ultrasound imaging, MRI, and possibly other modalities. We will conduct demos using a sonicating water bath and a pan filled with water to illustrate how ultrasound works. We will also conduct a demo on how objects can be pulled into an MRI machine.