Screening Area

Blood Pressure

Did you know that about 1 in 3 U.S. adults, or 75 million people, have high blood pressure? Only about half of these people have their blood pressure under control. Come help an underserved population learn about and take control of this very vital aspect of health. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to practice your blood pressure taking skills while focusing on health promotion.



Our primary goal is to identify high cholesterol levels in the population and refer them to appropriate clinics for follow up. We also seek to educate the population about cholesterol and healthy lifestyle choices. Along with measuring cholesterol levels, we will assess the patients’ knowledge about cholesterol using simple questions and supplement with information on our display board.



The booth will be testing blood glucose levels of the adult participants and educating the attendees about diabetes. Volunteers will be collaborating with Blood Pressure and Cholesterol volunteers, as Diabetes screening will be provided to a patient along with Cholesterol and Diabetes screening by the same group of people.


Free Clinics

The primary goal of our booth is to provide information about the resources available for individuals without a primary care physician and that are seeking follow-up appointments/advice concerning their results from the health screening booths. We will specifically be able to help individuals understand which free clinics are available to them, where the clinics are located, their hours of operation, and if/how they can make an appointment at the clinic.



We will check patrons’ hearing using basic Rinne and Weber Tests.  We will explain audiograms and the utility of formal testing to patients with impaired hearing.  We will also discuss normal changes in hearing over time.


Height and Weight (BMI)

The primary goal of our booth will be to explain what a BMI is, calculate the BMI of attendees, and explain to them the implications for their health. We will emphasize ways to achieve a healthy BMI and direct to other relevant booths. We know the topic of BMI can be sensitive so we hope to make our booth a friendly/welcoming environment.


Sports Physicals

Volunteers will work with the faculty physician at this booth to perform sports physicals on fair participants (mostly school students who need these physicals to be able to play school sports), helping with various parts of the history and physical examination process.



The primary goal of our booth is to give accurate vision testing and provide basic information about glaucoma/diabetes and it’s effect on vision. We will do this via pamphlets on the topic and a “flip up eye diagram” that will give facts about ophthalmology. We also plan to educate patrons on basic preventative measures to take in order to maintain healthy vision.