Clinical Outreach provides personalized information about the resources available to individuals without a primary care physician who are seeking follow-up appointments regarding their results from the health screening booths. We will be taking into consideration the necessary factors and barriers as we help individuals understand which free clinics are available to them, where the clinics are located, their hours of operation, how they can make an appointment at the clinic, and specific requirements of these clinics.

Read below to find out more about our Clinical Outreach Committee Leader!

Dami Akinmolayemi

Dami is a third year MD/MPH student. He grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and attended the University of Texas at Arlington for undergrad. He is the current holder of the longest name in his class. When he is not buried in the books, he enjoys playing soccer. He has a strong interest in public health and is fortunate to be actively involved in Carnaval de Salud.

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  1. LaShe Ingram says:

    Would like to join this committee. How?

    • utswstudentcenter says:

      We are going to open the volunteer Sign up on March 1st then you can sign up to help with whatever committee you prefer. Thank you for your interest!

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