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The Health Fair Area strives to provide fun, interactive educational opportunities to patrons on topics ranging from heart healthy diets to fire safety to mental health to concussions and so much more! In addition, we offer free health screenings to patrons, including checking blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and hearing. The Health Fair Area allows for health topics, screening, and education to be combined in a very exciting way.

Read below to learn more about our Health Fair Committee Leaders and the booths that will be at this year’s health fair!

Heath Fair Booths


The goal of our booth is to give fair patrons a basic understanding of asthma by describing its triggers, symptoms, and management.

Colon Cancer

The colon cancer booth educates patrons about statistics related to colon cancer diagnosis, and risk factors. Patrons will play an interactive game to test their ability to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy habits related to colon cancer.


This booth will teach 2-step CPR that any person will be able to administer. The steps are simple! Step 1 is to call 911, and step 2 is to give compressions to a depth of at least 2 inches for an adult. Make sure compressions aren’t stopped until help arrives!


The dermatology booth is about sun care and the importance of wearing sunscreen and proper clothing.

Heart Disease

It will be an interactive board where each person gets a “player” that has to go through life and make decisions about diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices. Based on their decisions, they will be told how likely they are to develop heart disease in the future and will be shown how they could make better choices to reduce their risk.


The purpose of this booth is to inform people about the risk factors for hepatitis B and C, the symptoms, the experience, how to get tested, prevent the disease, and get treated if necessary.

Mental Health

The mental health booth will provide informational psychoeducation handouts about the relationship between thoughts, feelings (e.g. emotions), and behaviors. Volunteers will also engage children and adolescents in an activity that will help them learn more about the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The activity is also meant to offer a chance for clinicians to engage youth in brainstorming coping strategies for dealing with distress.

Physical Fitness

Physical activity can be done in many different ways other than the traditional walking, running, or lifting weights. The physical activity booth aims to provide knowledge and skills on various ways to have fun exercising as well as change perceptions of what is considered exercise. The booth will provide examples of different ways families can exercise together throughout the week.


Smoking and its effects is an interactive booth that aims to educate patrons about the harmful effects of smoking on the human body. The booth also provides information about resources geared towards helping people quit smoking.

Spine Health

This booth aims to educate people on proper spine care techniques. These are simple ways to take care of your spine and prevent degenerative disease processes from becoming more serious. In addition to demonstrating proper posture, this booth will teach stretching and lifting.

Stroke Prevention

The purpose of this booth is to explain what a stroke is, identify if a stroke is occurring, learn about reducing the chance of getting a stroke, and what you can do if you spot someone having a stroke. We will have an interactive demo displaying what is going on inside your body when you experience a stroke.

Cervical Cancer

Booth will provide education on cervical cancer causes, prevention, and screening measures. We will have interactive objects to explain the Pap test process.

Well Women’s Exam

This booth will explain the various components of a routine gynecologic exam. Aside from the information on the board, we will have a plastic pelvic model and handouts with information about local women’s health clinics.


This booth discusses the different stages of pregnancy and some warning signs associated with each stage. In addition, this booth explains some healthy habits and things to avoid to keep mom and baby healthy. The interactive activity associated with this topic is a game that has participants guess what fruit/food item is associated with the gestation age of the fetus.

Breast Cancer and Mammograms

This booth will provide women education on breast cancer and screening methods. Women will learn how to perform a self-exam, identify signs of breast cancer, and learn about suggested timing of mammograms.

Woman, Infants and Children

As families grow, we need to keep them well! Come to this booth to get tips on how to keep mothers, babies, and kids healthy and happy.

Men’s Health

This booth aims to spread awareness about health issues that are relevant to all men. Specifically, the booth will provide information about prostate cancer risk factors and symptoms.


Our booth, titled “You Can Be A Doctor Too”, is aimed at encouraging under-represented minority students to consider careers in health care. Although the demographics of the US are changing, the proportion of physicians from certain ethnic groups has lagged behind. In order to address this need, our booth gives young people the opportunity to speak with medical students and perform portions of the physical exam, introducing them to the medical field. We will also be providing flyers for the UT Southwestern Health Professions Exposure and Recruitment Program (HPREP) to those students eligible and interested in participating. This five-week program offers students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a plethora of health and science careers while being mentored by health professions students.

Mediterranean Diet

We will discuss the benefits of following a Mediterranean diet and the ways to incorporate some of the dietary principles into everyday life.

Healthy Aging

We are planning to introduce the audience to: 1) Importance of “healthy fat” and what kind of food items contain “healthy fat,” 2) How much protein do you need to keep your muscle, and 3) How to keep healthy bones and teeth by knowing calcium-rich food items.


Put your knowledge of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to the test for the chance to win a prize. What you don’t know just might surprise you!


This screening booth will be checking fasting blood glucose levels of the adult participants of the fair. For a lot of attendees, this might be their only annual check of their blood glucose levels. Our volunteers will be teaming up with the blood pressure and cholesterol screening booth volunteers to provide a more complete health screening for our participants. We will be educating participants on what blood sugar levels mean while we are screening them. Then, we will direct them to the education area where they can learn more about diabetes and how best to control their blood sugar levels to stay healthy.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most important causes of cardiovascular disease and is often not detected until it is too late. This booth will help you develop your skills in checking blood pressure while educating an underserved population about the importance of monitoring and maintaining a healthy blood pressure. We are looking for Spanish speakers to help us run this booth as a large portion of our visitors will be Spanish speaking.


High levels of cholesterol in the blood can be a risk factor for heart disease, so be sure to come by the screenings area to get your cholesterol levels checked!


Hearing enhances our everyday lives; sometimes we take it for granted. Hearing impairment interferes with development, communication, health, and education. This booth will provide a quick, cost-effective, and efficient screening system for school age children who, if any problems are identified, can be followed up by an audiologist/other medical professional. We will use conventional audiometry – here, students are instructed to raise their hand or point to appropriate ear when they hear the tone. The goal is to detect unilateral or bilateral sensorineural or conductive hearing loss.

 Sports Physicals

Medical students at this booth will help the faculty physician perform history and physical examinations, mostly for school-age children who require this to play in school-sponsored sports.


At this booth, we will examine and evaluate visitors’ eyesight. We will screen for common vision problems and let them know if they need to follow up with a professional for further eye care. We will also provide education on the importance of protecting their eyesight to carry on activities of daily living.


At the BMI booth, we will be measuring your Body Mass Index, or BMI. BMI is an important measure of body fat. People with higher BMIs are at an increased risk for diseases like diabetes and heart disease!

 Free Clinics

To provide health fair participants with information about free and low-cost clinics (Family Practice, Pediatric, Dental, and Women’s Health) within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Health fair participants visiting this booth will be provided with personalized clinic information as we take into consideration location and any other restrictions.


This booth will be offering free dental screening for attendees. Volunteers will have the opportunity to hand out dental health information, free toothbrushes, and floss as well as teach kids and their families about dental health.

Healthy Mouths

This booth aims to educate the public about oral hygiene including how to brush your teeth, floss, and eat a healthy diet.

Alcohol Awareness

The goal of this booth is to educate the public on the dangers of alcohol overconsumption using an interactive obstacle game with drunk goggles.

Bike Safety

The purpose of this booth is to educate the public about the importance of bicycle safety. We will encourage people to inspect their bikes before use, wear helmets and reflective clothing, attach lights to their bikes, follow traffic rules, and use hand signals on the road. We will also have an interactive activity where we will be providing people with helmets — children and adults will be taught how to wear a properly-fitted helmet, and children will get stickers to decorate their helmets.

First Aid

This booth would like to educate families about how to make a first aid kit and how to respond to severe allergic reactions, choking, and common musculoskeletal injuries. We would like to include multiple demonstrations such as performing the Heimlich maneuver, building a first aid kit, and wrapping sprains. 

Fire Safety

This booth is an interactive and fun learning station for families and children to learn important fire safety techniques and skills in case there is a fire at home. We’ll provide worksheets for kids to practice drawing an escape plan from home in case of an unexpected fire. Additionally, the local fire department will help in simulating escape plans with a tunnel crawl station, window escape, and a firetruck.

Personal Safety

This booth aims to raise awareness of unhealthy relationships and domestic violence. We also provide information about the resources in the community that can assist people should they or their loved ones be in an unsafe situation. 

Poison Control

We would like to educate the public about common household poisons and what to do in the case of exposure to various poisons. Our booth will showcase household poisons in common locations in the structure of a house. There will also be an interactive game in which children will be able to distinguish poisonous items from safe items.

Immunization Education

The purpose of this booth is to educate families about the importance of immunizations and provide them with resources to understand the purpose of vaccines as well as provide parents with a vaccination schedule for young children. In order to explain vaccines to young children (elementary school age), we will utilize stuffed antibodies/antigens to demonstrate how viruses spread in the body without vaccines and how a vaccine can prevent the spread of viruses. The booth will also have a demonstration for older children to demonstrate the same concept. In this demonstration, we will have cups of water with lemon juice. We will add a small amount of phenolphthalein to the water cup, causing it to change colors, and this color change will represent the spread of the virus. We will then add a small amount of bleach to one cup, to represent the vaccine. When phenolphthalein is added to the bleach/water cup, it will not change colors. This demonstrates how vaccines work to stop the spread of viruses.

Seat Belt and Car Safety

This booth aims to educate parents and children on the benefits of proper seat belt and car seat usage. Come help us save lives and experience a virtual reality car accident!

Hand Washing

Did you know that 97% of the time people do not wash their hands correctly? Washing your hands helps to prevent the spread of germs and protect you from countless infections. Come and see if you are using proper hand washing techniques and learn more about its benefits! We will be giving out travel-sized hand sanitizers to those who visit this booth!


The purpose of our booth is to provide a fun and interactive environment where people of all ages can learn about concussions. We would like to educate the public about myths surrounding concussions, signs and symptoms to watch out for, and how concussions are managed. 

Prosthetics and Orthotics

The purpose of this booth is to educate the public on the field of prosthetics and orthotics. It will include both images and tangible orthotic and prosthetic devices to help the public become aware of the variety of devices we can create. The goal of our booth will be to get young kids excited about the field and describe to them the reason for why some people would need certain types of braces. 

Jane Zhu

Jane is a third year medical student. She was born in New Haven, CT, but she has lived in Houston for most of her life. She went to Wellesley College where she majored in chemistry and minored in psychology. In her spare time, she likes to play with dogs, do arts and crafts, and watch reality TV. She is excited to be one of the Health Fair Chairs this year!

Katie Smith

Katie is a second-year medical student and is very excited to be a Health Fair Chair this year! Trading in the snow for the sun, she from Indiana and is enjoying exploring what Texas has to offer. She attended Purdue University and majored in Chemistry. During her time there, she was able to participate in educational events like Purdue Space Day and peer mentoring, which sparked her love of education and desire to encourage more children to pursue STEM fields. When not in the library or exploring Dallas, she loves painting, reading, and cuddling with her cat. Last year, she coordinated the Poison Control booth and really loved the experience. She is excited to make the 15th anniversary the best year yet!

Cylaina Bird

Cylaina is a second year medical student who grew up in Bedford, TX. She went to Rice University where she studied the fascinating topics of Psychology and Biochemistry. She is also passionate about public health and enjoys helping communities learn more about healthcare. When Cylaina is not studying you can find her watching cooking shows, going to coffee shops and restaurants with friends, and trying the new food craze in Dallas. Cylaina is very excited to serve one of the Health Fair Chairs this year!

Aish Ramamurthy

Aish is a second-year medical student from Allen, TX. She earned a degree in Healthcare Studies and Biology from UT Dallas, where she was also a part of the orchestra and Spanish guitar ensemble. In her free time, you'll find her learning how to play random instruments, watching sports, traveling, and obsessing over dogs. Carnaval de Salud was a big part of why she chose UTSW for medical school, and she is so excited to be more involved as one of the Health Fair Chairs this year!

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