Healthy Living is a UT Southwestern student organization that helps make United to Serve more sustainable. While United to Serve is a one-day annual health fair carnival, Healthy Living focuses on making United to Serve a more longitudinal health educational program. We visit schools within the DISD school district to hold small-group seminars about various topics related to living a healthy lifestyle. These topics include diet, exercise, alcohol and drug use, mental health and sleep. We also focus on advertising for Carnival de Salud during the Spring. Below you will find out more information about each topic mentioned above, more about our committee leader, Sarah Nguyen, and how you can sign up to be a part of our team. Finally, like our facebook by clicking the facebook icon to stay up to date with events of the fair.

Sarah Nguyen is a 4th year medical student at UT Southwestern and a graduate of Rice University. She is interested in becoming a pediatrician because she loves being around children. When she’s not studying or catching up on sleep, she enjoys drawing, singing karaoke, and cooking with friends. She has participated in United to Serve all throughout medical school as she has always enjoyed working with everyone to organize the fair and teach families various health topics. She is super excited to serve the Dallas community again by helping make United to Serve a fun, educational experience for everyone!
Sarah Nguyen
Healthy Living Leader

Alcohol Awareness

The alcohol awareness booth will provide more information about the varied effects that alcohol has on the body. With alcohol’s effects ranging from functional changes of body organs, long-term health risks, and notable social impacts, there is a great benefit with understanding safe alcohol practices. This booth will include an opportunity to go through obstacles using “drunk goggles” to see how much of an impairment alcohol has on performing basic activities. Come and learn about the real effects of this well-known beverage!


Bike Safety

This booth promotes bike safety and the use of cycling in general as a means of commute, transport, and recreation to form an integral part of a healthy active lifestyle. We will be providing bike helmets for children that they will be able to decorate at the booth.


Breast Cancer

The goal of our booth is to raise awareness and provide information about breast cancer screenings with mammograms. We will have play-doh models of breasts demonstrating symptoms of breast cancer along with edible mammo-grahams. We plan to give out notecards that have reminders about when/what age/how often women should get mammograms.



We will discuss the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding for the baby and the health benefits to Mom as well.  We will also discuss tips for the common problems Mom may run into while breastfeeding.


Cervical Cancer

The key goal of the cervical cancer booth is to educate people about the prevention and screening guidelines for cervical cancer. We would like to do this with special emphasis on Gardasil vaccination as an effective preventative measure against cervical cancer as well as talking about pap smears and some suggested guidelines (every 3 years) and the use of condoms/barrier methods to prevent transmission. In addition to the board, there will be an HPV giant microbe so that the kids can have a more physical representation of the virus that causes cervical cancer.


Colon Cancer

The primary goal is to inform Health Fair patrons via pictures, conversation, handouts, and an interactive activity about the anatomy of the colon, colon cancer, who is at risk, how we screen for it, and the guidelines for screening. At the booth, we will have patrons remove colon “polyps” from paper towel rolls using tweezers. Hopefully, we will be able to encourage some patrons to speak to their primary care providers about getting screened (via fecal occult blood test, colonoscopy, and/or sigmoidoscopy).



We will be teaching patrons hands-only CPR (i.e. call 911 and then do compressions) and patrons will have the opportunity to practice CPR on dummies.



Our primary goal is to educate individuals attending the health fair about the ABCDEs of melanoma as well as the importance of protection from the sun. We will be giving away sun hats, and we will have a ball toss for the kids.


Fad Diets

The goal of the booth is to address the benefit and risks of various fad diets and emphasize the 4 keys points that make up a well-balanced diet.


Fire Safety

Stop! Drop! and Roll! There are approximately 374,000 home fires each year in the US and they can happen to anyone. Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to know how to prevent, prepare for, and escape from home fires. At the Fire Safety Booth, all of these very important and necessary skills will be learned! Come by our booth to learn about the most common causes of home fires, practice drawing an escape plan, simulate escaping from a home filled with smoke, and even jump through a real window to safety!…onto a giant, soft bean bag! Informative pamphlets will also be distributed to save and review the information presented. Together, we can help stop home fires and save lives!


First Aid

This booth will be explaining the use of some of the common items found in a First Aid Kit as well as information on when it is absolutely necessary to get to the Hospital STAT. Handouts will contain brief description of the common items in a first aid kit. Interactive components will involve demonstrations using said items as well as Q&A from the audience.



We will have the basics of hand washing techniques and when and why to do so. We will have hand sanitizer as well as two additional poster boards along with our tri-fold. Kids will draw their hands on one of the boards. They will wash their hands while singing a song and will get travel size hand sanitizer to take home.


Heart Health

Our primary goal is describing the heart attack signs for men and women. For the interactive component, we will have visitors Velcro the heart attack symptoms from a pool of symptoms onto our board and have them act out the symptoms.



The goal of our booth is to provide education about hepatitis infections as well as liver damage due to alcohol. Our goal is to educate the visitors at our booth about the risk factors of hepatitis so they can be aware if they have any, the signs and symptoms that one may see, and how to get tested if an individual thinks they may have those risk factors. We also have an interactive activity using sponges to demonstrate what a healthy liver is like vs a diseased and cirrhotic liver (beat up sponge) to explain why its important we take care of our liver.


Immunization Education

The main goal of the immunizations booth is to inform the patrons of the fair about the importance of immunizations in an interactive experience. One side of our booth will be dedicated to having the patrons of the fair write down why vaccinations/ getting vaccinated is important to them. Another part of our poster is dedicated to common facts and busting some of the common myths around immunizations. We will also be handing out pamphlets on immunization schedules, and have coloring pages about the importance of getting vaccinated for kids to have/ color while their parents are looking over the other materials.


Men’s Health

The goal for our booth is to educate the public about what prostate cancer is, its symptoms, screening, complications and treatments.


Mental Health

Students from the UTSW School of Clinical Psychology will be available to discuss the importance of your mental health.  On-Site Counseling services will be available.


Personal Safety

This booth aims to shed light on signs of unhealthy relationships and their prevalence in both teens and adults as well as provide tips for safety and community resources for creating a personal safety plan with a counselor


Physical Fitness

The primary goal of this booth is to promote a healthy physical lifestyle for adults and kids. We will be sharing some fitness tips and a few exercises that can be easily completed at home. Our goal is to have a mini “competition”, where kids will work through a series of timed exercises to see who can finish the fastest. We will also be providing a handout summarizing the information we give along with some additional exercises.


Physical Therapy

Our primary goal is to educate patrons on what Physical Therapy is, how to access it, and how it can help them. We will do balance testing, and teach patrons exercises with Thera-band resistance bands.


Physician Assistants

Our booth educates patrons about the many roles of a Physician’s Assistant in the healthcare team.


Poison Control

The Poison Control booth aims to educate the public about the many common everyday items that can lead to accidental poisoning, how to prevent accidental poisoning, as well as what to do if you believe you or a loved one are poisoned. Our booth features an interactive game where participants must guess from a pair of pictures which is poisonous, and which is a harmless piece of candy. This will be a Harry Potter themed game where the participants want to avoid the “Avada Kedavra” and learn about the dangers of common household items at the same time.



On the board, we will make a timeline with 4 key points: how to know that you’re pregnant, 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, and 3rd trimester. For each point, we will discuss the main things to expect for each stage of the pregnancy.

For the interactive part, we will have plastic/model fruit and patrons will guess which fruit corresponds to the size of the fetus at each stage.


Prosthetics & Orthotics

Our goal is to educate patrons about the field of prosthetics and orthotics. Prosthetics is creating a device to replace a missing body part. Orthotics is creating a device to assist a functionally deficient body part. We also will promote the prosthetics and orthotics clinic at UTSW.


Reproductive Health

The primary goal of the Reproductive Health booth is to teach children and adults about normal changes in puberty, as well as normal changes in women’s bodies through the reproductive cycle. For those interested, we will discuss more in depth cervical mucus changes and hormonal fluctuations in the reproductive cycle and how those signs can be used to understand fertility. We will be giving away pad/tampon kits to everyone who visits the booth. Interactive activities will include discussing myths around reproductive health as well as a demonstration of normal vs. abnormal vaginal discharge using things like egg whites and cottage cheese.



Our primary goal is smoking prevention through education of the harmful side effects

Interactive component: One, to show the ugly side of smoking crushed cigarettes in a jar will be available for people to smell to show them how people smell when they smoke. Two, to show the adverse health effects patrons will breathe through narrow straws to demonstrate how smoking interferes with normal respiration.



This booth will provide information regarding the following STDs (symptoms, transmission, how to protect yourself): Syphillis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes, HIV, Trichomonas. We will have a spinning wheel with questions regarding STDs and patrons will receive a prize if they answer a question correctly.


Stroke Prevention

The goals of our booth will be to help educate individuals on the key lifestyle interventions to reduce the risk of stroke and the FAST criteria (face, arms, speech, time) to identify if someone is having a stroke. We plan to have an interactive component on how stroke symptoms look and how vessels can get blocked causing a stroke with play-doh in a tube mimicking a vessel.


Vegetarian Lifestyle

We will discuss the health benefits of a careful and balanced vegetarian lifestyle.  We will also discuss the need for supplementation.


Well Women’s Exam

As the well woman booth, our goal is to educate our patrons about basic female pelvic anatomy, and discuss age appropriate screening tools. Our scope of information will include: national guidelines, frequency, what labs tests/screenings to undergo at specific ages, immunization, and counseling. We will discuss the different parts of the exam: inspection, speculum, and bimanual. Our friends at the cervical cancer booth will go more in depth about the HPV schedule and cervical cancer screening, but we plan to briefly touch on it as well.

We will be giving away goodie bags that will contain pamphlets with information about local Dallas resources for primary care for women. Our interactive component includes “name the body part” style game and jeopardy.



WIC stands for Women, Infants and Children’s Program of Texas. WIC is a government program that seeks to provide healthcare and nutrition for expectant mothers or any mother with children under the age of five. Some questions that might be running through your head right now might be: Am I eligible? What specific services can WIC provide for me? Where can I get more information? All these questions and more will be answered by spending a few minutes at this booth.