The Welcome Area is where patrons and their families register for the health fair and receive information about all the activities inside! We also teach patrons how to win prizes and help them navigate the fair. Spanish speaking volunteers are key for this area because we talk to every single patron who walks into the fair!

The Prizes Area has items generously donated from different companies and groups that will be used in special drawings during the fair. To enter the special drawings, families will earn tickets throughout different areas of the fair and then enter their tickets into drawings for the prizes that they prefer. Our goal is to obtain prizes that motivate families to participate in the fair for the opportunity to win them.

Read below to learn more about our Welcome Area and Prizes Committee Leaders!

Shruti Singh

Shruti is a fourth year medical student at UT Southwestern. For college, she went to UT Austin (where she learned she bleeds orange) and studied Human Biology because the science of humans excited her. She is excited about the new "Into the Wild" theme for Carnaval de Salud this year and even more excited to greet everyone at the Welcome Area! In the time that she is not busy reading about the human body and playing with her stethoscope, Shruti loves to participate in the extracurricular activities at her school. She also loves to dance, karaoke (although she isn’t very good at it), eat (she loves food!), and sleep.

Gunjan Singh

Gunjan is a fourth year medical student going into pediatrics. As an amateur artist, she is excited to be part of this year's Welcome Area team and help design the "Into the Wild" theme to register as many people as possible!

I-Chun Lin

I-Chun is a first year medical student who loves playing volleyball, going to karaoke, and exploring foodie joints. Poetry and art are other favorite hobbies. She is always down to hang out and have some fun!

Whitney Stuard

Whitney grew up in Plano, Texas with her parents and two younger sisters. She attended the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science in Denton for high school and was later accepted to the a combined medical school program through UT Southwestern. She is now a fourth year medical student on the Deans Research Scholars program. When not in the lab, she is running, traveling, or sleeping. She began volunteering at Carnaval de Salud as an undergraduate and has continued to be involved in this event and many other volunteer activities in the community. She loves the opportunity to serve and is excited to be a part of an event that promotes wellness, education, and awareness.

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