Arts & Crafts

At Arts & Crafts, volunteers help with booths that offer various creative activities, such as face painting and mask making! This year’s Arts & Crafts booths can be found below:

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  • Designing Suitcase Bags
    • “Get ready to travel with your custom suitcase bags!” presented by Ashley Tsang
  • Face Painting
    • “Ever wanted to become a tiger in the jungle? Or maybe get a cute butterfly on your face? Come get your face painted to become anything you want!” presented by Aria Wei
  • Glitter Across The Globe
    • “Make it snow in your own world! Pick your favorite animal and let it experience the wonders of sparkly snow!” presented by
  • Hand Print Flowers
    • “Make a bouquet of flowers for friends and family using your own handprint!” presented by Ev Kakadiaris
  • Home is where your Passport Is…
    • “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.” Come make your very own, unique passports and suitcases to take with you to capture your experiences from the fair!” presented by Vivek Mathesh
  • Paper Plate Fish
    • “Fish are friends…come make and decorate a fish friend!” presented by Camsy
  • Photo Booth
    • “Grab a prop, strike a pose, and say cheese! Stop by and capture the moment at the Photo Booth!” presented by McKay Winslow
  • Pine Cone Snowy Owl
    • “Did you know these birds have three eyelids!!! YES THREE!!!
    • One for blinking, One for Sleeping and One for keeping the eyes clean. Come Make One with us at Carnival De Salud and grab some treats while at it :)” presented by Nina Stephen
  • This is What a Scientist Looks Like!
    • “Picture a scientist, what do you see? Did you picture yourself? At this booth we will create scientists who look like us! Picture yourself as a scientist or a physician because we all are what a scientist looks like!” presented by Aleya Shedd

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