It’s all fun and games here at the Games station! Volunteers will help run game booths for kids and patrons. This year’s Game booths can be found below:

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  • Coco Crash
    • “Bowling, jungle style! Do you have what it takes to knock down the pineapples with the coconut bowling ball?” presented by Craig Kemper
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
    • “Do you hear that? Those are some hungry hippos! Quick; feed them some bean bags before it’s too late!” presented by Holli Brown
  • Jump the Vine
    • “In the jungle, we use the materials we have to practice our jump rope skills! How many times can you jump the vine?” presented by Craig Kemper
  • Jungle Jumpers
    • “Shoot your balls into the hoop around the grassland before your chances run out!” presented by Alex Goff
  • King of the Jungle
    • “Take down the king of the jungle by trying to hit him as he prowls around the jungle ” presented by Neha Sangana
  • Pin the Monkey on the Banana
    • “Monkey around and test your accuracy with this fun play on pin the tail on the donkey!” presented by Holli Brown
  • Safari Escape!
    • “Help catch as many of the jungle animals as you can by throwing rings around them!” presented by Rahul Sharma
  • Snakes and Ivy 
    • “Are you brave enough to make it across the jungle unscathed? Try and be the last one caught by snakes and posionous ivy on your way across!” presented by Angelo Scanio
  • The Great Elephant Peanut Race
    • “Race to the other side of the jungle to feed the elephants with peanuts!” presented by Pooja Kumar
  • The Tree Branch Limbo
    • “Make it past the trees blocking your path to the other side of the jungle!” presented by Meghana Rao

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