Science Zone

Do you want to build a snowman? Play with dry ice? Dine at a three Molecular-star restaurant on artisan rainbow spaghetti and gourmet space ice creams? Come to the Science Zone, where volunteers help run various interactive and informative booths to teach kids about basic sciences! A full list of booths for the 2023 Carnaval de Salud can be found below, along with each booth’s organizers. A downloadable PDF of the 2023 Science Zone booths can be found here:

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  • Been Chilling
    • “You might think ice cream and science have nothing in common, but you’d be surprised! Learn about how we use basic scientific principles of heating and cooling in real life and make some ice cream of your own!” presented by Peter Luo, Gabriella Quinn, and Gianna Maggiore
  • DNA Decoded
    • “Interested in unraveling the genetic code of all living organisms? Come learn how to extract DNA from a strawberry and go home with some too!” presented by Kinza and Vatsala
  • Food for Thought: Candy Cells
    • “Learn about different parts of a cell and make a candy version that you can take home!” presented by Hanah Sheard and Emily Samson
  • Go with the flow
    • “Have you ever heard of washing machines for the blood in your body? You must be “Kidney”ing me! Come over to our booth to learn about the KIDNEY!” presented by Chetana Jadhav and Siddhakshi Solanki
  • Heart Stopping Fun
    • “Can you think of something that begins working before you’re even born and continues for your entire life, never gets tired or needs a break?
      That’s right! It’s your heart! Come learn more about your own heart and even see what it looks like in a real elephant!” presented by Faraaz Azam and Catherine Agarwal
  • How Electricity Works In the Brain
    • “This booth will provide fairgoers with an opportunity to de-stress with squeezable brain stress balls, while constructing their own battery-powered LED circuit.” presented by Carla Madrid, Christopher Cervantes, and Andrea Boinott
  • Immune: “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”
    • “Join Ash and Pikachu in becoming the very best defenders that they can be! Rise to the task as the immune system and save humankind from Team Rockettsia.” presented by Shawn Huang and Leilani Conklin
  • Let it Snow!
    • “How is fake snow made? Come check out this booth on polymer chemistry to find out!” presented by Caroline Kernell and Gabby Lessen
  • Light It Up!
    • “How do computers work? Learn about some of the most basic components of computers and play with lights!” presented by Danny Lin and Kathia Rodarte
  • Magic Science Bus
    • “Embrace your inner Arnold as you board the Magic Science Bus! From OOBLECK to electromagnets we have it all! Get involved in science experiments of your own and be the coolest kid in school!” presented by Vraj Shah, Kishan Patel, Nakul Patel, and Navnit Mohan
  • Pathogens: “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”
    • “Join Team Rockettsia and their army of bugs as they battle Ash, Pikachu, and their immune system! Team Rockettsia blast off at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight!” presented by Jason and Michelle
  • Stacking Liquids: Liquid Density in Action
    • “Did you know that different types of liquids can be stacked on top of each other? Come learn about the magic behind liquid density and create your own stacked liquid column!” presented by Samantha Golomb and Shyamal Waghwala
  • Super Space Base
    • “Reach for the stars! Come learn about how we send astronauts into space!” presented by Kelly Wong and Ariana Ishaq
  • The Fab Five: Perceiving Our World
    • “Come explore our world through “The Fab Five”: sight, smell, sound, touch and taste.” presented by Ursa Bezan Petric, David Mikhail, and Julian Merville
  • Trick Your Brain
    • “Think you can outsmart your brain? Come test your eyes and deceive your mind!” presented by Armon Amini, Carla Viesca, and Kelsey Park

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